Free Building Instructions

  • This a modification of Lego set 42037 Formula Off-Roader.
  • The goal was to build a motorized version without loosing the feeling of the original.
  • In the video I used a V2 receiver and 8 rechargeable batteries.
  • It requires: 2 L-Motors for driving - 1 Servo Motor for steering - 1 IR Receiver - 1 Battery Box

  • This is a basic and really easy to build ski lift.
  • It can be mounted as a chair lift for "hills" and it also works great on flat grounds.
  • It can be used as a transportation system in your Lego City.

  • This an alternate model of Lego Polybag 30524.
  • There are instructions for two version. Each version requires 37 pieces.
  • PDF size 5Mb. 10 pages per version.

  • This robot was designed for entertainment purposes.
  • It simulates an explorer robot: It drives around and tries to avoid obstacles.
  • It can be manually controlled using the IR Remote.
  • You can drive the robot and move the head using the IR Remote.
  • In Auto-Mode the robot starts moving around with a mix of random movements.
  • It measures distances searching for a clear path, but it doesn't follow an optimal path. It just moves around giving the impression that it's exploring.
  • The robot scans the floor using the Infrared sensor.

42024 Alternate Model

  • It's an old utility truck, like the ones used in farms.
  • It comes with a mobile crane and cargo.
  • It can be built using the pieces from Lego Set 42024.
  • Openable doors.
  • HOG steering.
  • Working tailgate and tipper.
  • Working crane.

Mini Go-Kart and Customized Trikes
9390 Alternate Models

  • These three models can be built using the pieces from Lego Set 9390. One at a time.
Mini Go-Kart Features:
  • Working steering.
  • Central exhaust .
  • Adjustable security cage.

Section of Underground Subway Station

  • Double deck underground station.
  • Two platforms for two regular lines.
  • Two tracks for express lines.
  • Sturdy Structure. Strong building.

Optimized Lego Mindstorms Colour Sorter

  • Built using parts from Lego Mindstorms EV3 Education Core Set.
  • Includes building instructions and program with the updated algorithm.